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One of the perks of being a cameraman for porn is you need to watch what tons of pretty ladies are doing. And WHO they’re doing. When it comes to porn, I love to just get down to the nitty gritty. I love my work. One Saturday afternoon, I was filming Candice, Fun and Brooke. They were supposed to be doing a little lesbian action in the garage, but they were all feeling a little lazier than ordinary. All 3 of ’em were in fuck-around mode instead of fuck-each-other mode… messing with gadgets and gizmos located all around the garage. This wasn’t worthy as I had to turn in a copy of our scenes by the end of the day. My schedule was tight, so I had to acquire aggressive.”Come on sweethearts, let’s get serious, time is specie!” They continued fiddling around with stuff as I tried to receive them to acquire on the ball. “You’re no fun! All u desire to do is work work work! You’re never any pleasure!” Brooke pouted. “Now I’M plan to be the camera man!” Candice declared as this babe picked up my camera. “Oh! No no no no no no! Come on! I got work to do!” I said them.


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I’ve always been the kind of guy who found it hard to keep his hands to himself. Being such a sex-addict, I knew it was merely a matter of time previous to I was arrested for sexual harassment. The officer who booked me was a busty brunette playgirl called Officer Taylor. That babe was fiesty and forceful. I kinda liked it, to be honest. I was chained and led into an area with a jail cell. “Come on, let’s go.” Taylor commanded.I was gorgeous surprised to see a couple of hot hotties behind bars with smug looks on their faces. “What’d this fellow do?” One of ’em casually asked.”He’s a woman-molester.” Officer Taylor announced as she shut the door we had just entered.”He can’t live without to touch hotties. Everywhere… grocery stores. Parks. Sleeping. Not here! This is where the revenge comes. He’s all yours, ladies.”‘What!?’ I thought. What does she mean I’m all theirs? What are they gonna do to me? Like the sex-driven boy I was, I began fantasizing a variety of perverse actions regarding this very situation. Little did I know, my sexual wants were about to be actualized.”What should we do to him, huh?” One of the inmates asked.”Let’s molest him.” The other playgirl decided. Music to my ears! I was forced to disrobe in front of everyone.It was a little cold, so I asked if I could keep my socks on, but officer Taylor had me remove every piece of my raiment in advance of shovingme into the jail cell. That babe then followed me in and locked the cell behind her.”I think it’s HIS turn to get molested.” That babe declared.One of the sexy inmate honeys knelt right in front of me, and began spitting on my wang, pulling on it with her soft fingers. That babe started mouthing off, uttering demeaning things to me. I didn’t do everything. I just stood there against the bars, slighty humiliated but still becoming increasingly aroused by the taunting and penis caressing.


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A male is disrobed at job wacking off to web porn, hoping not to get caught when his manager catches him in the jerk job. She scolds him and informs him he’s going to do everything she claims in order to not get fired. So first she has him get down on the carpet and crawl around like her doggy. She keeps her dresses on and rides him like a right, proper fookin’ chick. He allows her a ride around the workplace a bit and then one more girl worker arrives in and asks them what they’re doing. So the two females ride on his back and then these girls have him sit on the office chair and jack off while they see him. They keep their garments on while he strokes it in the bare right up until he cums. Watch full length video of that hot CFNM act on Cfnmexposed! Enter here to watch now!

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I walked into my apartment one night to watch that my roommate Sarah and her 2 girlfriends Dez and Lily were playing poker. I didn’t have any plans for the night, so I asked if I could join in fibbing that I was a terrible player. There was solely one catch. It was disrobe poker that they were playing. ‘Even greater amount precious!’ I thought. I was nice-looking lustful ‘cuz I’m a great poker player. I knew it’d merely be a matter of time previous to I busted them and had all three babes in nature’s garb. The plan was so valuable, but that’s not what happened. I indeed ended up losing the game! I pretty soon realized that these sweethearts were pro’s at the game, and suspected they set the whole thing up to acquire me stripped. “Alright Mike! Take it off!” My roommate Sarah demanded. The chicks watched as I undressed down undressed in front of them in advance of sitting back down on the couch.

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Sarah explained the rules of the next mini-game. “So. Here’s the trick to the game. We’re all going to draw a card and whoever has the highest card, has to jack Mike off.” I, of course was all for this. It was a win-win situation as all 3 babes were hot as hell. The women each drew a card and announced what they had. My roommate Sarah had the highest card, so she came to sit next to me, rubbing on my stomach before sliding her hand against my jock. (more…)

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