CFNM job interview with three sexy girls

I saw a job opening for a delivery guy one day for a very successful Chinese restaurant. This is a restaurant I frequented, not merely ‘cuz the food is wonderful, but the sweethearts are HAWT. There were three ladies who managed the restaurant and I knew they would probably be the ones that would be doing the interviews for the job opening. The ad asked specifically for a Chinese applicant. I’m white, but I didn’t care. Without hesitation, I phoned ’em and made an appointment for an interview. I showed up right on time, and came into the room to watch the three very pretty ladies that I’d wanted to see.They immediately took notice of the fact that I wasn’t Oriental. “Ah! Ah! Expect a minute… we asked for a Chinese guy.” One of ’em exclaimed. Fearing that they may dismiss me, I decided to take the opportunity to flaunt one as well as the other my knowledge of their menu items as well as my fluency in the Chinese language.The boss lady was impressed and explained what their restaurant was looking for in an employee.”We would like u to stand up please. Ok we are very anxious with image. We are very selective of people that we pick. Is there everything on your body? Everything we should know about?” I knew she meant tattoos, so I showed her some skin to prove I didn’t have flesh graffiti. They had me take my shirt off and asked me more questions. All of a sudden they wanted me to act like a dog. The ladies had me remove my pants and acquire on all fours… I wasn’t sure if this was normal to ’em or what, but I actually wanted to please those ladies, so I did just as they told. “Get your ding-dong hard.” One of the ladies demanded. I stood up and wasted no time in pulling on my weenie for ’em. I was led around behind the desk where the ladies beganjerking my weenie. They spoke to me about the job requirements, I was very surprised to know that the delivery job included hand jobs from customers. Who the hell would pass that up?

All 3 ladies were jacking me off and massaging my balls and rubbing up against me. The boss lady walked behind me and did the old ‘reach around’. I couldn’t stop bucking my thighs, those ladies were so fucking sexy. It wasn’t long before I was willing to cum, and when I did, I exploded everywhere. The ladies gorgeous much threw me out, after that. I didn’t acquire the delivery job, but at least I got a hand job Watch full-length episode at

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