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It was Saturday night and I met up with my girlfriends for our school reunion. We visited an old class we all had jointly and noticed not much had changed. We all sat around with each other reminiscing and catching up with every other. Turns out Gina became a fetish domina, Lindsay opened up her very own topless hair salon, and Bonnie is a store owner that sells a multiformity of apparel. We were all just bullshitting and having a great time when all of a sudden, one of the ladies mentioned a name I hadn’t heard in a lengthy long time.”Do you chaps remember, Josh the jerkoff!?” Everyone gasped as they remembered who Josh was. Gina tried to recall, “I remember that one time when they caught him jerking off in the lads locker room shower? It was right previous to a game or smth like that… I think that’s how this chab got the name right?” The ladies and I shared horror stories of Josh’s terrible antics. Pulling our pants down, grabbing our boobs and trying to fiddle with our cookies in front of everyone. It was so embarrassing that it stayed in our memories even after years of not seeing the fellow. It was no wonder that we all wanted to educate him a lesson as pretty soon as we noticed him walking in. Everybody laughed insurprise when this fellow strolled through the door… smugly massaging Bonnie’s mangos as if this chab owned them. We’ll show him. As that fellow continued to make an butt of himself, Gina and I huddled together for a mini-chat. I said her I wanted Josh to pay for everything he’d done. Gina acquiesced and suggested we get him wasted and tie him to a desk for a little humìlìatìon retaliation. I grinned coyly as I heard her plan and couldn’t wait to actualize it. We made him chug beer after beer until he lastly passed out cold. I in nature’s garb him totally as Linsay and Bonnie held him up. We carried his stripped enormous body over to the teacher’s desk and fastened him up with some rope.All of us saw the marker on the desk and couldn’t resist. Gina began writing messy things all over his face and chest. I colored his balls black and wrote some greater quantity. When we’d had our fill, we splashed some beer in his face in which this chab jolted awake. The ladies and I began smacking his butt in a frenzy, enjoying his humìlìatìon. We demanded an apology and that dude gave us one, but it was half-assed.

So we became forceful about it until this dude sincerely apologized. Having so much control over him, I noticed the ladies getting turned on. We poured some lukewarm beer on his groin and started spitting all over it. Gina milked his shaft with her hands. I joined in kneading softly at his hairless balls and cooch. It was obvious how much Josh was enjoying this as his member grew longer and harder. Pretty soon, all four of us were touching and caressing his jock. He grunted and groaned as he ejaculated. Our hands were all covered in his sticky ball batter. Josh’s smile quickly faded as we all grabbed our things. The four of us giggled satisfactorily as we left the room, leaving Josh tied up and all by his self. What a great reunion. Watch full-length movie scene at

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