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I live in a small town in the centre of nowhere. It’s usually a real drag with no thing to do, so my honeyfriends came over to keep me company. I share anything with my honeyfriends, we were on the topic of sex and it was no exception. Recently I’d discovered myself to be truly sexually excited… I wasn’t sure if it was just my hormones or if the women felt it also, so I decided to casually bring it up in conversation. “So, how u sweethearts been?” I asked to which they replied with generic “Pretty good” and “Not bad” So out I came with it. “I’ve just been truly slutty, lately.” And response to my confession, Betty admitted to the same thing. “There’s just nothing to DO in this town!!” I exclaimed. Then admitted, “I haven’t seen a nude dude in like… must be two or 3 months easily” “You win! That’s the longest!” Betty laughed after that babe and Sheila admitted not having seen a naked dude in a while as well. It was very apparent that we were all going through a dry spell. We decided to remedy the situation once and for all, tired of doing the same old thing and thinking of better ways to cure this irritating boredom. The sweethearts and I were going to call a lad we knew over, for some hot fun and humìlìatìon. So we sat around and thought, who was the stupidest chap we knew? A lad who was blinded by bawdy cleft. Somehow the hotties and I all thought of the very same person. His name was Lance. This chab was a very gullible and hopeless guy who’d do anything for a little attention for the ladies. So we called him over for a little stripping game, picking names out of a hat to see who’d have to peel their clothes off 1st. What Lance wouldn’t know however… were that all of the names would be his. After calling him up and telling him he’d be playing the game with just my honeyfriends and I, it took no time for him to appear str8 at our door. “Look who I found…” Betty announced as this babe led Lance into the living room. He made his rounds hugging each one of us, no doubt attaining some sexual fun out of it in advance of relaxing next to us. Sheila casually explained the theme of the game to Lance. We saw a gleam in his eye. “I think I could deal with this game.” This fellow excitedly said as this chab rubbed his hands jointly. Everybody sat down in a circle as Sheila shook the hat of names around. Sheila was up first. After grabbing the piece of paper, this babe unfolded it and smugly read, “Lance” Lance obviously frustrated, threw off his socks and held out the hat impatiently, waiting for me to draw out the next name. I grabbed the paper and read out his name afresh. The hotties and I could tell Lance was a little frustrated. “How many times is my name IN there!?” He demanded to know. After some petty reassurance, he peeled off his darksome t-shirt. Betty was next and inevitably announced Lance’s name.

This man was kind of pissed but that fellow complied. It wasn’t lengthy previous to our game was working and this dude was absolutely stripped. This chab drew out every name and figured out it was a con. Angry and humiliated, this chab reached out for his clothes. The honeys and I pleaded for him to stay, explaining we were solely bored and we promised to make it up to him. A bit hesitant at 1st, Lance agreed to stay. We tempted him with some babe on babe giving a kiss and noticed his weenie stiffening. I said him to sit on the daybed. The sweethearts and I surrounded him and began lubricating his knob with some sex gel. Sheila guided her hand up and down his hard shaft as Betty and I massaged his fat balls. His chest heaved in raunchy craving as the chicks and I worked his jock. His shlong was so slippery. We felt it pulsating involuntarily as we jerked his meaty 10-Pounder, his haunches subtly bucking into our firm grasp as we milked him into sexual bliss. Betty sat in the middle using her personal handjob techniques on Lance. His moans became louder and louder as he sat up in deep lust. We watched him writhe as his eyes shut, totally succumbing to such messy physical pleasure. “Oh my god…” This chab uttered. His grunts spilled from his face hole as he ejaculated into the air. We cheered him on as his load spewed each which way, splattering onto his abs. “You can go now.” Betty said with a chuckle. Thanks to Lance we were all very thoroughly entertained. Watch full-length video at

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